Working with the iPhone X’s Notch

I understand the thought that the notch looks a tad “unfinished”, but I don’t think it’s fair to say it’s “ugly”. There’s no way the notch should be a reason to choose the iPhone 8/8 Plus over the iPhone X.

That said, these solutions around the notch look great. As does PCalc’s experimental design for the iPhone X. I’d be on board with this new design trend if it came around.

To me, there should be two reasons to choose the iPhone 8/8 Plus over the iPhone X:

  1. Face ID has a lot to prove, especially in the shadow of Touch ID. Face ID isn’t all that different than the Touch Bar was back in late 2016. If you’re an iPhone X owner, you’re basically Apple’s beta tester.
  2. The iPhone X’s width is closer to the iPhone 8’s width than the iPhone 8 Plus. And that extra width makes for a much better keyboard on the 8 Plus. Sure, the iPhone X’s screen is larger and sexier than the 8 Plus’s screen. But I’m willing to bet the keyboard will feel more cramped like the iPhone 8 than free and clear like the 8 Plus.

Of course, the X’s price could be an issue too.

For once, here in Canada, it doesn’t appear the iPhone 8/8 Plus are priced through the roof.

P.S. In my head, I’m still saying iPhone “Ex”, not iPhone “10”. Anyone else?