U.S. Bank Stadium Could Pose Acoustic Issues for U2

Karla Hult for Kare 11 News:

“Probably the best thing that people have said about the acoustics there is it’s better than the Metrodome, which of course is very, very faint praise,” said Chris Riemenschneider, the music critic for the Star Tribune.

Riemenschneider has written several articles about the challenge of sound within the stadium, which he says is due to the stadium’s billion-dollar design and the decision to go with or without some elements.

“The big thing is, it’s like half glass, and glass is terrible for acoustics, sound bounces right off there. And it’s got angles, and the walls on certain ends are super steep,” he said.

I guess I'll find out tonight.

Of note, songs referenced in this article:

  • Beautiful Day
  • Desire
  • With or Without You
  • Elevation
  • Bad
  • Pride (In the Name of Love)
  • Magnificent
  • I Still Haven't Found What I'm Looking For

After you read the article, tell me how I did.