Twitter Openly Testing 280 Character Tweets

Some publications were reporting Twitter publicly launched 280 character tweets this afternoon, but it looks like the double-length feature will only be available for a small group of testers at first.

It’s like we’re watching Twitter reach into the tree of low hanging fruit, only to come down with the wrong apple. I’m all for 280 characters — I hate having to split thoughts amongst 2 or 3 tweets. But I’m surprised Twitter has doubled the tweet character length instead of focusing on the morbidity of its platform.

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: Instagram is the wonderful, beautiful, made-of-dreams feed showing off how amazing everyone else’s lives are, while Twitter is the cynical, abusive, hateful, and distasteful platform we all grudgingly deal with.

Two hundred eighty character tweets isn’t going to change that.

Update: If you want to get your hands on the 280 character limit, there's a techy workaround in Tweetdeck for Google Chrome. If you follow the directions here, you should find the 280 character limit available immediately upon completion. Of course, it only works in Chrome, so that's a bummer.