The Two-Watch Setup

Chris Hannah has come up with a nifty way to keep his first generation Apple Watch relevant:

My other watch is a Series 0, and was coming to it’s death anyway (it’s even got part of the glass missing). But I’ve still got an idea of how it can fit into my life.

And that is by using my Series 0 to track my sleep, and then my Series 3 for normal watch stuff! I now have two chargers, so one could be permanently placed on my desk, and I can transport the other when necessary. Although I don’t imagine it being so.

Smart — not all that different from repurposing an old iPhone into a car-only iPod (although, with CarPlay and in-car Bluetooth more and more common, I suspect less and less people have a dedicated car-only iPod).

When I reviewed the Apple Watch last year, I ended up returning it for two reasons:

  1. I couldn’t leave my iPhone behind.
  2. It’s an expensive gadget to update on a yearly basis, especially one which fulfills wants instead of needs.

Question #1 has formally been answered.

Question #2 is trickier. I suspect we’ll start to see annual updates slow to major bi-annual updates for most of Apple’s gadget lineup, with smaller under-the-hood tweaks rather than year-over-year major releases. I’d say we’ve already seen this in action with the Apple Watch. If it continues, finding a way to repurpose older devices will become increasingly important.

Chris’ idea is a good one — one which potentially answers one of my own questions about a year-old Apple Watch.

(Via Initial Charge.)