The Cleveland Indians Are, Somehow, Better Than They Seem

Neil Paine writing for FiveThirtyEight:

By now, of course, the Indians have erased all doubt about their standing within the division; they lead the Twins — who are themselves clinging to the AL’s final wild-card spot — by 14 games. (Twenty-one straight wins do have a tendency to boost a team’s division lead.) But according to BaseRuns, Cleveland still should have more wins than they do. In fact, the Tribe’s six-win shortfall between their predicted and actual records is the second-biggest such margin in baseball behind the Yankees (who should have nine more wins).

What’s astonishing is Jason Kipnis, Andrew Miller, Michael Brantley, and Bradley Zimmer have all been injured for at least some portion of this 21-game win streak. Miller was only activated this evening.

The Tribe are down 2-1 to the Royals in the 6th as of the time of writing. Let’s hope they set the Major League record later this evening.