iOS 11: The Pixel Envy Review

I don’t know why it took me so long to discover Nick Heer’s blog, but rather late than never. As Kyle Dreger said to me in a message (hat tip to Kyle for the RSS recommendation), Nick’s work is like “Daring Fireball before it became Daring Fireball.” Pretty high praise.

This iOS 11 review is next level:

While this story obviously isn’t going to wrap up so long as technology and Apple keep pushing things forward, iOS 11 feels like it is starting to resolve some of the questions of past releases. Despite my complaints about the rushed-feeling Control Centre and multitasking implementations, I also think that Apple is doing a lot of things very right with this update. Drag and drop is awesome, Siri is getting better, there are visual design improvements throughout, and Apple Music’s social networking features are very fun.

Long, but one of my favourite reads of the last few weeks.

Like Nick, I reach for the iPad far more post-iOS 11 than pre-iOS 11, and it only grows now that apps have been updated with drag and drop support. When I wrote the “My 5 Favourite Features of iOS 11” piece, drag and drop didn’t even find its own spot. Now, after just a week of widely-adopted iOS 11, I need to revise the list.

The Mac will always be better at some tasks. But the iPad’s utility continues to grow in my camp.

(Via Audacious Fox.)