iA Writer 5 for iPhone Sneak Peek

Thank goodness Ulysses’ competitors aren’t resting on their laurels. Some of iA Writer 5’s configurable keyboard ideas push the bar even higher for other iOS text editors.

I’m not sure I’ll adopt iA Writer 5 as a result of this sneak peek — I’ve jumped into Ulysses head on ever since the app adopted the subscription-based revenue model. Regardless, if Ulysses found inspiration in some of iA Writer 5’s upcoming features, I wouldn’t be disappointed.

On that note, I’d be remiss not to mention the Learn Ulysses course over at The Sweet Setup. Shawn and team have handy nuggets of information for savvy Ulysses skipper and rookie Ulysses user alike. If you use Ulysses for any sort of writing, the course is well worth your time.


iA delved deeper into the details of the upcoming iA Writer 5 update. Head over here to see more.