Hodinkee's Review of the Apple Watch Series 3 Edition

Benjamin Clymer, writing for the de-facto watch blog on the net:

Apple Watch Series 3, Edition or not, is the watch we've been waiting for from Apple. As mentioned, the cellular capabilities alone elevate this product from a niche peripheral to something that could become instrumental to millions of people's daily lives. The setup above, Series 3 with cellular and one AirPod, I expect to become almost indispensable to many, just as it has been for me this last week. The Edition, an admittedly pricey option for an object that will likely become obsolete in 18 months, is silly when viewed that way, but lovely when viewed for what it is – an expertly produced and stunning piece of industrial design that gives fine watchmakers a run for their money. It's so beautiful and so complex to produce that it makes me wonder if this watch is simply a beta test for larger projects with ceramic to come.

Wonderful review from Ben with great photos and GIFs to boot.

When the Cellular Series 3 was first announced, my mind immediately jumped to leaving my iPhone behind for the work day. With the latest reports of less-than-stellar LTE-only battery life, this dream still seems to be a few years away. The fact Ben has largely not touched his iPhone since receiving the Cellular Series 3 helps instill the reality of this dream, but the fact Ben didn't mention anything about battery life is somewhat disconcerting. Does he only work for two to four hours per day? Does he charge the Watch when he's sitting at his desk?

Barring a three or four hour work day, the Cellular Apple Watch does not appear to be an iPhone replacement at this point in time. Absolutely improved capabilities, for sure. But replacement? Doubtful.