The Sunday Edition — 11.05.17

When you go to Kansas City, it’s not about escaping Manitoba Winter or hanging out with great people. Instead, as I learned this week, traveling to Kansas City is all about the food. There’s obviously great barbecue to be had on every street corner, but there’s also great breakfast sandwiches, great coffee, and just as great breakfast sandwiches. It’s a wonder anyone in KC cooks for themselves.

Thor: Ragnarok has hit theatres, and in full force. It’s my favourite Thor movie (like everyone else, I assume), but the film does bring a new worry to the forefront: Was the God of Thunder always this comedic? I always like a good laugh or two, but I kept expecting parody moments in Ragnarok in the moments where prior Thor films maintained the serious tone. It’s a bit Jekyll and Hyde, if you ask me.

I’m most afraid of this level of comedy leaking into Star Wars. The Force Awakens walked the comedy line quite nicely, but any more comedy and Force Awakens wouldn’t have been able to take itself seriously. The Last Jedi will likely be plenty serious. But every time these funny Disney movies smashes the box office, I get a tad more worried.

The iPhone X is out and in far greater supply form than most expected. Here are a few of my favourite reviews so far. The whole blogger issue where regular reviewers didn’t receive a review unit until 24 hours before the launch was entirely overblown, completely petulant, and roll-your-eyes worthy. The iPhone X is an entirely new phone with an entirely new future — it likely befits an entirely different review roll-out.

I haven’t put my hands on an iPhone X yet, but my initial thoughts are:

  • I’m going to be jealous of the power of the front facing camera (particularly Portrait Mode and Portrait Lighting).
  • OLED screens (despite poor lighting when viewed at irregular angles and apparent image retention) appear to be the real deal. Those true blacks look awesome.
  • I’m so glad I have the bigger keyboard on the 8 Plus.

I’m looking forward to seeing more personal and anecdotal reviews come out over the next few weeks. If the X continues to sell well through the holiday season, AAPL’s 15% share price growth over the last 6 weeks is going to continue to steam ahead.

Slightly different format this week. Grab a cup of coffee and enjoy.

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Office Gear I Want To Buy

  • Jarvis Electric Adjustable Height Standing Desk (Frame Only) — Amazon
  • Dell Ultra HD 24-inch 4K Monitor P2415Q — Amazon

Happy Sunday. All the best in the week ahead.