The Sunday Edition — 10.29.17

I haven’t been too particularly quiet about my discontent with the Sony α7 II. I live with a range of frustrations for the sole benefit of using Sony’s dynamic range. Be it the single SD card slot, the unbelievably frustrating AF focus point selection method, poor low-light autofocus, poor battery life, and a plethora of other bugs, I’ve vowed for about a year now that I’d be upgrading to Sony’s third-generation camera in a heartbeat.

That third-generation α7 still isn’t here, though. Sony pumped out cameras every few weeks for a timeframe in 2015-2016, but upgrades in the general α7 lineup are nearing rarity.

The little wrinkle in my upgrade plans was simply if Sony released a new and improved α7R III that fixed the issues I have with the α7 II.

This week, they did just that.

The α7R III is one of those releases that makes me proud to own Sony kit. Sony appears to be listening to customers — the α7R III fixes such a wide-range of complaints, it’s hard to find things to complain about anymore.

Dual SD card slots, dramatically improved battery life, a focus selector joystick, improved responsiveness, improved durability, faster autofocus, burst modes up to 10FPS… this camera has it all. And somehow, it comes in at the same launch price the α7R II came out at a few years ago. Which still isn’t cheap, but a price I’d consider fair.


I’ll be looking for the change in my couch cushions to save up for this camera.

I’m a little heavy on the photography side this week, but that’s appropriate. Enjoy the links below with your favourite cup of coffee in hand.

Happy Sunday and all the best in the week ahead.