The Sunday Edition — 10.15.17

Life happens in short spurts. The rest of the time is spent preparing for the next big event. At least that’s my theory.

Jaclyn and I have spent the last week prepping our home for the arrival of our little one. Jac painted the baby room, I put together furniture we bought from a friend of a friend, and together we purchased a car seat. After 7-1/2 months, it felt like we had waited long enough.

As we drove home from our car seat purchase, Jaclyn made a comment about how she wanted the big delivery day to be private,

“I don’t want everyone rushing in right away. For just five minutes, I want it to be just the three of us.”

Just the three of us.

When she said that, it occurred to me that I hadn’t fully come to terms with how much our lives are going to change. Our home now has a room for a third person in it — a person who won’t be a just a visitor. They’ll have their own room, their own clothes, their own sleep schedules and personalities, all within the little bubble I call “Josh and Jaclyn’s Life”. I suspect at first they’ll feel like an intruder.

Or maybe they’ll be a natural fit — a cog in the wheel we knew was always missing.

There are things we are experiencing now that you can’t understand unless you go through the experience. You can’t learn how attached you become to the little one growing in mom’s tummy until you go through it. And especially not by reading it on a blog or in a book.

But for the first time in my life, I feel prepared for the short spurt of life coming my way. Whether I am prepared is a different story.

This week’s Sunday Edition brings a range of photography, tech, baseball, and financial links — as though those are the only things I read about. Brew a cup of coffee and enjoy.

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Happy Sunday. All the best in the week ahead.