The Sunday Edition — 10.08.17

Happy Thanksgiving! I'm up in Melfort, Saskatchewan visiting family this Thanksgiving weekend. We travelled here last year for Thanksgiving and I remember there being so much snow on the fields that farmers had to leave their crops under the snow until the fields were cultivated in the spring.

An entire year's worth of hard work, gone.

Farmers will have had crop insurance to help cushion the blow, but no amount of insurance dollars would make up for that hollow feeling of having wasted your time.

In that sense, Thanksgiving came at an inopportune time for some farmers in this region. I felt for them last year. And I hope this season has yielded better results (there's no snow on the ground this year, fortunately).

To all those hands who break their backs to produce the food we buy in grocery markets, thank you.

Happy Thanksgiving, from my home to yours.