Mist in the Pacific Northwest on Rucksack Magazine

Stunning, dark, gloomy, and moody photos here. Great work by Adam Firman.

I discovered Rucksack Magazine just last week, after someone retweeted the magazine’s first volume launch. “The Winter Issue” celebrates the longest, coldest season of the year:

Our first volume of Rucksack Magazine is a celebration of Winter. Winter is a season habitually thought of as dark, miserable and impossibly long. Reimagining what the season can look like, we have drawn out the true meaning of winter and what it means to be experienced from a different perspective. In this volume we attempt to summit mountains Shasta and Suilven, explore the reality of a long Canadian winter and learn about the 'Arctic Surfers' braving the bitter Icelandic waves. We interview artist Mya Kerner and photographer Jan Keller, publish photo essays showcasing Lapland's iconic landscapes and collaborate with Unsplash to publish a beautiful collection of winter themed images.

There’s clearly a lot of inspiration being pulled from Cereal Magazine here. But if Rucksack can find its own unique qualities, this magazine is sure to be a good stuffer for your bookshelf.