Cardhop for Mac

Yours truly discussing Flexibits’ new contacts app over on The Sweet Setup blog:

Cardhop doesn’t so much manage contacts, although it can do that if needed. Instead, Cardhop focuses on quickly interacting with your contacts. With just a few keystrokes and without touching the mouse/trackpad, you can go from surfing the web to emailing a contact in the blink of an eye.

Cardhop is an extremely well done app and quickly changed the general communication workflow I tend to follow:

  1. Finding the app needed to send your communication.
  2. Finding your recipient inside the app.
  3. Forming and sending your communication.

Everyone will approach a contact management app in their own way. Between the 3 or 4 hats I wear on a daily basis, I probably send between 300 and 400 iMessages, emails, Slack messages, Basecamp messages, or tweets in any given day. If Cardhop helps cut time out of steps 1 and 2 by using a quick keyboard shortcut, I can save considerable time communicating using the app. As of right now, Slack and Basecamp aren’t supported, but I have no doubt they’ll come along in a future update.

Long story short, Cardhop is a must-have for me. Plus, that icon.

Fortunately, it’s 25% off and down to $14.99 for launch.